we garden in a creative, organic, sustainable, often permacultural way that best meets the needs of our clients, while keeping mother nature's best interest in mind and at heart.

located in high falls, ny, medicine gardens offers a broad spectrum of gardening support:

general landscaping services

•installation (creating and planting new beds)

•maintenance (caretaking and general upkeep)

processing of plants

•harvesting and leaving the rest to you

•processing (making preparations for you such as tinctures, vinegars, oils, etc.)

teaching and guiding you as you learn to do all these things yourself!

•guiding you through the gardening process so that you can learn to take over!

•teaching you about the many ways these herbs can be used and play a larger role in your life

•workshops (teaching you and your friends how to make specific herbal preparations)

•mentoring children (guiding them along as they create their own gardens and learn about the wonders of plants!)