being an only child, growing up i spent a lot of time alone outside in the garden and exploring the woods. my mother taught me which wild plants we could forage from the garden, and my father and i would take long walks looking for wildflowers in the forests of the lower hudson valley and catskills, ny. when it came time to leave home, i moved upriver and settled near and eventually on the shawangunk ridge, where i planted many gardens and took my time studying the plants i had been so fascinated with my entire life. i learned much about tending gardens from master gardener
 virginia luppino. when i moved onto the farm (clove valley csa in high falls, ny) my work with the plants deepened, and instead of being just a passion, they took on a central role in my life. i studied herbalism with local herbalist dina falconi and oregon herbalist heather nic an fhleisdeir, as well as plant spirit healing with pam montgomery. i now care for several gardens for people in the area, coach people on planting new gardens they can harvest food and medicine from, and tend to several gardens i planted on the farm from which i make medicine and teach others to learn from and work with plants.  

i originally went to school to study art, which has always focused on plants and the natural world. since being on the farm, my work has taken on a more practical form, though my intention has always been to bring the healing spirit of the plants to the people! visit my fine art pages to see some of my older work: