my current work deals with two subjects, though they are very much intertwined: weeds and birds. 
my research of local plants, which are valuable resources of medicine, fiber, food and color (among other things) is what started leading me to where i am now with my work. these abundant plants are often disregarded as weeds, an attitude which reflects our culture's disconnection with the earth. many problems we face today stem from this detachment, and my way of re-presenting these plants elevates them to a place of recognition and reverence.
birds (to quote the nature conservancy) are "bellwethers of our natural and cultural health, and are indicators of the integrity of our environment". they also represent our ancestors in the folk art of my ukrainian heritage. when i first began depicting birds, i drew upon this symbolic reference to express my remembrance of the disappearing culture and traditions i was brought up with, one (like so many) that is deeply rooted in reverence for mother nature. today, i depict them because they are important reminders of our urgent and critical environmental situation. it is important to never forget where we come from— our cultural roots, which provide much needed insight into living in harmony with our surroundings, and so, above all, the earth.