"caution: weeds!"
work completed at
habitat for artists
huguenot street, new paltz, ny

while my time at the habitat has come to an end, the project continues as i hang my signs up around  new paltz, kingston, rosendale, hunter and wherever else i may wander...

we all have weeds in our backyards or at least the cracks in our driveways... we walk by them without notice, regard them as a nuisance in our gardens, and sometimes hate them so much that we go to the extreme of dousing them with toxic chemicals... but we don't all know that they're edible, medicinal, valuable cohabiters of our world




on the backs of the woodcut prints is information regarding the edible, medicinal and otherwise utilitarian properties of the plants.  this research has been compiled from these books:
identifying and harvesting edible and medicinal plants in wild (and not so wild) places
by "wildman" steve brill with evelyn dean

the forager's harvest by samuel thayer

foraging new england by tom seymour

tom brown's field guide: wild edible and medicinal plants by tom brown, jr.

a city herbal by maida silverman

eat the weeds by ben charles harris

the new healing herbs by michael castleman

back to eden by jethro kloss